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The law firm Barnert Egermann Illigasch Rechtsanwälte was founded in the beginning of 2004. Barnert Egermann Illigasch advises international and local clients comprehensively in Austrian and international business law.


The lawyers of the firm have gained extensive academic and professional qualifications throughout their legal education and have obtained international experience during their many years of legal practice, specialising in various areas of the law.

Due to their work experience abroad and long-time client relationships, they share an excellent network with foreign law firms, in particular in Central and Eastern Europe. Barnert Egermann Illigasch can therefore provide tailor-made legal advice in a cross-border environment.

The lawyers of Barnert Egermann Illigasch keep close ties with universities and colleges, publish regularly in legal journals and lecture at law seminars. They are keeping track of the newest developments in legal literature and practice and are therefore capable of assisting their clients innovatively in the development of new business areas.

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